Auto Top-Off Kit (Version 2)

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Auto Top Off Kit (Version 2) (ATKv2)

The ATKv2 (Automatic Top-off Kit) is a simple, standalone, and complete solution for replacing water lost to evaporation. The kit includes:

  • FMM Module (Runs without an Apex!)
  • Pre-assembled water level mechanism with:
    • Magnetic acrylic mount (works up to 1/4‚Ä≥ glass/acrylic)
    • Two (2) optical water level sensors (Version 2)
    • Float valve
    • 90 degree tubing fitting
  • PMUP ATO Pump (Version 2)
  • 24V 36W power supply
  • 4m of orange RO tubing
  • 3/8‚Ä≥ -> 1/4‚Ä≥ push-fit adapter fitting
  • 1/4‚Ä≥ -> 1/4‚Ä≥ push-fit siphon break
  • Set-screw for non-float-valve applications

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